Make a Website is Not a Difficult Job

Make a website is not a difficult job, at this time are many open source software (for free) you can use to build the website according to your wishes. Software the software include:

1. WordPress, to create a blog / web blog
2. Joomla, to create a versatile website
3. Mambo, to create a versatile website
4. Drupal, to make a versatile website
5. PhpBB, to create a web forum
6. OsCommerce, to make e-commerce website (online stores)
7. Moodle, to create e-learning website

And many more software other open source software, software is usually already have the software when you purchase your web hosting package with features Fantastico auto installer. With Fantastico you can just select the desired software, installation, and then run in a flash website so already.

Make a website with software that is available is very easy to do, but for those of you who are interested to learn how a website was created from zero then the first step is to learn about HTML, what is HTML? HTML (hypertext markup language) is a set of code that make up a web page. (HTML will be discussed further in the next article)

Nah, after the HTML the next step is to learn a programming language intended to make the website such as PHP, ASP, JSP, Perl, Python, and others. Programming languages are usually referred to as a server side language because it runs on the server. With the server-side language will be able to make your own website in accordance with your wishes and needs.

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