Backup Your Wordpress

Backup routines are the obligation undertaken by an administrator. The goal is to prevent data loss if a matter that does not want to happen.

For example, the server hosting is where you hack, natural disaster, you accidentally delete a database, there is a bug in the software that cause damage to the database, and so forth.

Your owner's blog with wordpress software is also required to do backups regularly. Do not post until you are the number of tens and even hundreds of disappeared as such.

WordPress itself provides facilities for data membackup through the export menu. To do is export the wordpress menu click Manage> select Export> and then click Download Export Files.

When you click on the button wordpress automatically will generate a file in XML format which contains the post, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags from your blog.

Wordpress 2.7 is to click on the Tools menu> Export and select. If the XML file you downloaded earlier successful means you have successfully perform backup. Both self-hosted wordpress and how to backup the same

Merestore to import data using the menu, I click the Manage> Import> select and upload the WordPress files before backup. If you note, this import on the menu you can also import from other blog services like blogger, blogware, livejournal, etc..

If you are not satisfied with the export-import facility provided by wordpress, you can add a variety of plugins that were created to ease the backup. You can download it here

In addition to special self-hosted wordpress you can also make the entire backup database wordpress through phpMyAdmin, it is known by the term database dumping.

Any way that you use, make sure you do backups regularly. Remember my proverbial umbrella ready before it rains. Backuplah all your data before too late.

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