Free Convert Theme From Wordpress to Blogspot Theme

Designing a fresh design and up to date on the template can be very difficult, this is not due to CSS and XML encoding problems are complicated, but really designing something new and fresh in terms of design and color selection for the blog template that makes itself dizzy. From the mild dizziness dizzy conversion from other platforms template for the obvious design, certainly easier than the risk can be anticipated for bad thing.

Oh yes, the title above is not taught how ya, just wanna tell here was one theme i have convert from wordpress theme to blogspot theme, and there are two that have been made so please feel free download.

Smart Touch is a Blogger template converted from CSS template into a blogger with a look of elegance with a charming blue color, this template as always already embedded Friendy SEO features, auto bookmark and Ads Ready, so co not regulate it any more trouble because it was the All-in-one: )

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