Create Templates for Blogspot

In terms of creating blogspot template layout of this blog, I've had time to write articles about "how to edit your blog page The easy", Editing blog template is to edit your blog layout someone else made to suit our desires. So it's not our own original. So for that now is the time to try to learn to create your own templates for our blog.

Blog template that we will make, will be directed to the template blogspot. But it is possible if it is familiar with some HTML code, we would easily apply to other blogs such as CMS

Blogspot / Blogger is one place to create a blog free of the most popular in this world is supported by, which have Blogger is Google which is one of the companies that monopolize the Internet world. Therefore, no wonder Blogger is always updating its services to make it easier to use. Now we can edit or even Create Templates for Blogspot.

Blogger in draft

But for now this is written, if you go to blogger dashboard you will not find this feature. For that you must enter through, Blogger This draft is a page to test new features blogspot that has not been widely published or still in test phase. My advice if you are using blogspot / blogger better if you use Blogger page Draft as the default page of your dashboard, that way we can continue to update the latest service bloggers.

Now to edit or create templates blogspot, here's how:

From Dasboard -> Layout -> Templates Designer

Well here able to edit / select template, complete the settings:
Set the width of the sidebar
set the layout sidebar
set footer layout
manage all elements of color
manage the entire amount and type Fonts
set background picture
CSS can also add if feels less